Choosing our Master: Sin or Christ

Today, many Christians who inhabit the pews of our churches are discouraged, defeated, depressed and frustrated. They are limited, and they know it, in the things God can do through them, and sometimes they do not even know why. The reason is most likely due to the fact that we are not surrendering ourselves to Jesus Christ. We are harboring sin in our lives. It may be a seemingly small, insignificant sin. We may not be harboring some of the more serous sins, but we are harboring sin none-the-less. It may be the sin of choosing our own way instead of choosing God’s way. Or it may be we are not surrendering some area of our lives because it is precious to us.

No one wants to be limited when it comes to being used of God. Remember, it is not so much your ability, your gifts or your talents that matter. God has plenty of those to give freely. It is your availability to be used of God in His service that makes the difference. Do not sit there and say, “Well I just don’t have much to offer.” God has plenty to offer if you will simply offer yourself to Him. He will use you in many ways. He will use you in an eternal way to make a difference in the lives of people.

So what is it that we must do? We must make the decision once for all that we will no longer be servants of sin, but servants of Christ. You are free to choose. If you choose to serve sin, it becomes your master. On the other hand we can choose to walk in the liberty that is rightfully ours in Christ. As we yield ourselves to Him we find that God is then able to work in and through us according to His mighty power. Yield to Him today!

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