God Helps Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Christianity is not a religion.  Christianity is a relationship.  There are many religions throughout the world.  But most religions have something in common and that is they are based on works.  They seek to please God by some form of self-effort.

Sadly some view Christianity in much the same way.  They are convinced that in order to please God they must live according to certain rules and regulations.  Their creed might be summed up in the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.”  I am convinced that a majority of the people in churches believe that this is a verse of Scripture.  But the Bible never says God helps those who help themselves.  It’s a uniquely American idea, but not a biblical idea.  God helps everybody and especially those who can’t help themselves.  The idea that God only helps the hard working is a concept based on the idea of keeping the Law.  It is Old Covenant.

And here’s the problem  We’ve developed in many churches a Christianized version of the ceremonial laws that we find in the Old Testament.  We don’t follow those ceremonial laws, but we have adopted new ones that tell us what we can do and what we can’t do.  We define our expectations of Christians and hold them to those expectations, and when they don’t meet those expectations we become critical and judgmental.

There is nothing wrong with the law.  The law is righteous and holy.  And it was given to show us that even with our best effort we cannot keep it.  It should bring you to the place where you say, “I can’t do this.”  That’s exactly where God wants you.  That is when He can help.

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