Bible Study

Ministry at Riley Creek Baptist Church begins with the Biblical principle of “Studying to show thyself approved unto God”.  Through regular, weekly Bible studies the people of Riley Creek Baptist Church seek to grow closer to each other and ultimately to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bible studies are held weekly on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm.  During these vital times of spiritual challenges the individuals share time of studying Scripture as well as prayer requests and praying together.


Sunday School

Riley Creek Baptist Church offers Sunday School classes for every age group.  From the 4 year olds through our three adult classes; everyone enjoys learning the Bible in a manner that is enjoyable and understandable.  Our dedicated staff of teachers are eager to enroll new friends.  Come join us each Sunday at 9:30am.


Music Ministry

Music ministers to the heart in a special and unique way. Whether it is a reverent hymn of prayer or a powerful song of praise, the music ministry of Riley Creek Baptist Church presents a well-balanced expression of love for Jesus Christ.

Members of Riley Creek Baptist Church are invited to be a part of the Riley Creek choir.  The choir rehearses each Sunday at 5:00 from Sept. through May and sings each Sunday morning during the worship service.

Please click here for Music Notes; online news from our Music Ministry.


Children & Youth Ministry

We realize that being a young person is one of the most exciting and important times in a person’s life.  At Riley Creek Baptist Church we strive to promote excellence as well as excitement in our children and youth program.  The youth ministry endeavors to build meaningful relationships between those in the youth group and the Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition to this relationship the youth ministry seeks to develop peer-relationships that will aid the young people in their daily walk with Christ.  Through regular activities, outreach trips, and Bible study the youth of Riley Creek Baptist Church are gaining practical experience in living the Christian life.



Spiritual growth and maturity involves more than just attending regular church services.  In order to grow in our relationship with Christ and in our knowledge and application of God’s Word it is vital to dig deeper in God’s Word through careful study.  Our discipleship ministry provides the environment for this.  Through one-on-one interaction major Bible doctrines and issues are studied that enable the believer to become well grounded in God’s Word.



As Christians it is our obligation to take the message of God’s Word to those outside the walls of our building. At Riley Creek Baptist Church we take this obligation seriously.  Through the avenues of nursing home services, setting up a booth at the Ada Herb Festival and other outlets we seek to reach into our community and to those in need of the Gospel message so that others may hear of Jesus Christ.