Misunderstood by the World but Loved by God

We are all subject to being misunderstood by others from time to time. We are all unique individuals and people often do not know what is going on inside our heads and hearts. Sometimes they misunderstand us because they do not know us. Other times they misunderstand us because their own perspective on things is so unlike ours. But no one group is more misunderstood than Christians. Just turn on the television and tune in to any talk show. What you will hear is there is generally a mischaracterization of Christians and Christianity. Christians are portrayed as narrow-minded and unloving. Christianity is trivialized and marginalized. But this really should not surprise us. We should not expect people who do not know God to understand people who do.
The Bible tells us that “the world knows us not, because it knew Him not” (I John 3:1). Being a child of God means that we are misunderstood by others. The world simply does not and cannot understand people who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And the reason is because they do not know Him. And because people do not know Him they also do not know us. This is why we are so misunderstood. And this is why we should not expect that people who do not know Christ will understand and sympathize with Christians.
But the good news is that no matter how much we are misunderstood, that cannot change how much God loves us. We are His children. We are loved by Him. And that is far better than being loved and accepted by the world.

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