Taking God’s Perspective on Life

How do you view life? What is your worldview? A worldview is a lens through which life is viewed. It is your understanding of how life works and why it works that way. This is your worldview. This is your perspective.
Our worldview is really a life-view. And this life-view makes a huge difference in how we react emotionally to the situations we encounter and how we behave practically. This explains why so many people react differently to the very same circumstances and problems.
Life is both similar and different for everybody. It is similar in that all kinds of stuff happens to everybody. Good stuff happens and bad stuff happens. All of us can testify that we, as humans share a commonality of life experiences. Life is different however, in that the stuff that happens to you is unique to your situation. It is unique to your history and personality. But, the real question is not whether stuff will happen to you, but how you will respond to the stuff that does happen. And how you respond will be based on your worldview – your perspective on life. Belief determines behavior. What you believe about life, the fundamental assumptions you make, will determine the way you respond to life situations.
This is why it is so important that we view life from God’s perspective based on the truth of His Word. We need to have God’s perspective to enable us to deal with the difficulties of life without being overwhelmed by them. Stay in the Word!

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