Life's not fair! Praise God!
October 19, 2020, 11:02 AM

If you’re a parent, no doubt you have heard the statement from your kids, “That’s not fair!” To which you no doubt sympathetically respond, “Well, life isn’t fair!” And it’s true. Life throws all kinds of unfair circumstances and situations at us.

But not only is life not fair, but God is not fair either. At least not by this understanding of fairness. And we can be thankful for that. You see, if God were to treat us with fairness (that is give us what we deserve) we’d be sent straight to hell. But God treats us with grace.

The fact that God deals with His children on the basis of grace without regard to merit or demerit is a staggering concept. It is opposed to everything we have been taught about life. We have been conditioned to think that if we work hard and “pay our dues” in life, we will be rewarded in proportion to our efforts. And most often it’s true.

But God’s grace does not operate on a rewards for works basis. It is much better than that. God is generous beyond all measure or comparison. Although life is not always fair, the Lord always blesses us with more abundance than we deserve. And that is cause for us to give Him praise!