Walking in Faith and Obedience
April 17, 2023, 9:18 AM

The life of faith is a journey. The exodus undertaken by Israel out of Egypt is a picture of this journey. There we find the Israelites moving from bondage into freedom, but they do not do so happily or without constant periods of rebellion.

It is amazing that God did not give up on those rebellious, faithless wanderers. Just three days after their miraculous deliverance they murmur due to their thirst. God provides them with water. A month and a half later we find them murmuring again. They were hungry. God acts once more to meet their need. This time with manna.

There was a condition, however, regarding the manna. They were to gather only enough for each day, and no more. Some disobeyed and gathered more, only to find if full of maggots the next day. On the sixth day they were to gather a double portion. Those who didn’t went out on the seventh day and found none.

Isn’t it interesting that with only two simple rules about gathering manna, there were still those who wanted to bend the rules. You and I don’t like rules, no matter how few, and that is our problem.

Part of the journey of faith is believing that God knows what is best for us and that we can trust Him. Even those rules He expects us to obey are for our good. Humbly submit yourself in faith to God and His Word. It will make the journey here much more enjoyable.